Cheprion BV Expanding Human Possibilities

Human development


Every time we learn something, the connections in our brains change. And as our neurons weave themselves into new patterns, brand new skills and possibilities develop inside us.
Ronald Siecker, medical doctor and (neuro)biologist


The key to success lies always in human capabilities. And the more we learn about the brain, the better we understand these capabilities in the brain. Which leads to whole new methods by which we can develop these skills, and use more of our potential.


The advanced techniques used by Cheprion BV enable us to map personal traits much more objectively than was ever possible before. And, what is more important: to train and develop important skills in a fast and effective way. The methods we use for this actually have a lot in common with the training of muscles. Which makes sense, since both our body and our brain function according to the same underlying natural principles.
For the very first time, this offers the opportunity to take those factors that really determine success completely in your own hands.


Cheprion BV offers a wide range of (neural) training programs for teams as well as for individuals. Among these are our VIP-programs that are completely tailor-made and designed for your own personal wants and needs.
Or our special Evolae programs for personal evolution, that allow one to determine the direction of one's own development and life.


Some examples of our most popular programs are:

The development of will power and focus in (top)sports people and negotiators

Building stress-resistance for people in top positions, and in both the prevention and recovery of burn-out

The fast and effective development of behavioural patterns and skillsets in staff members

Special designed training programs in communication and influence, and how to make messages work more effective in the brain of an interlocutor

To keep a clear mind and a high performance level in stressful and crisis situations, like for example when confronted with aggression


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