Program design


All of the services mentioned on this site are merely a small part of what Cheprion BV actually does.
Our real core business is design and development: we do our own research, often in collaboration with universities or other organizations.
Our challenge is to expand the limits of what is possible over and over again. To continuously develop new programs and means, that allow both companies and individuals to do what they thought before to be impossible.


Some examples of the projects we have developed so far are:

Neuro-training programs for air traffic controllers, allowing them to perform better under stress

Development programs improving the mental control by top sportspeople, enhancing their performance

Special neuro-training programs diminishing the risk of burn-out, or increasing recovery speed

An online expert-system assisting in the employment of people with disabilities

Specialized education programs for civil servants, enabling them to deal effectively with problem behaviour

Our Evolae-programs, allowing everyone to ‘upgrade' their personal capabilities at will


An exclusive feature are our in-company Development Chambers©, that enable high-potentials to enhance their skillsets in a fast and highly efficient way.


Would you like to know more about the know-how we use in designing our programs? Then visit the page with our presentations.
Or contact us for more information about the possibilities