Program design


Wherever people work together there are always two key factors that determine success: the personal capabilities of those people, and the effectivity with which their skills are applied.
Cheprion BV takes this one step further. By offering advanced training programs, that allow people to use more of their potential, and to enhance their possibilities.


To assist our clients in reaching their goals, we combine specialized knowledge of neuro- and behavioural sciences with extensive organizational expertise. This allows us to design highly effective development programs, both for individuals as organization-wide.
All of our programs are based upon the latest knowledge about the human brain, and make use of advanced techniques and insights. Which not only leads to faster results, but also opens a complete new spectrum of possibilities.


Our most popular programs are currently used by many different organizations. (Have a look at our experience.) But next to these we also compose tailor-made programs, designed to deliver precisely those results as desired by an individual or organization. Examples range from the special stress-resistance programs we designed for air-traffic controllers, to the reaction patterns we constructed for officials dealing with serious problem behaviour.
A situation-analysis can often be the first step in determining what kind of skills or behaviour are needed to achieve a certain goal, or to overcome an obstacle.


An exclusive feature are our in-company Development Chambers©, that enable high-potentials to enhance their skillsets in a fast and highly efficient way.


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