Many of the current scientific insights into the human brain are literally brand new. As we want to offer our clients the chance to get acquainted with this new knowledge, we are producing a short series of videos on this topic. In which we demonstrate what we as human beings are truly capable of.
These video's also give a free sample of some of the subjects that can be addressed in the ‘Successful Brain' workshop.



Watch the first video here: Is it possible to become immune against stress?


The short series of articles by Ronald Siecker: ‘A new human science ' is made available here by Cheprion BV:

(Dutch version, please contact us for English editions)
Article 1: From new insights to new possibilities
Article 2: The trainable brain
Article 3: Of personality, skills and potential
Article 4: Company strategies and the human brain
Books by Ronald Siecker (Dutch only) :
The series : 'Insight in mental diseases':   About influence, manipulation and counter techniques :
Part 1: Signalen en Valkuilen Part 2: Ik heb een tijdbom in mijn hoofd Manipulatie: van marionet tot regisseur