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Calculate the behaviour of your opponent well; this will lead you to victory. Do this poorly, and it will lead you to failure.
Sun Tzu, the art of war


Developments that started in the neurosciences are now revolutionizing business and industry. As new insights arise into the functioning of the human brain, and about how choices and decisions are made, a whole new spectrum of possibilities comes into existence.
It is the birth of a new field of expertise, that gives early adapters a decisive advantage against those that lag behind.


Neuro-marketing is currently the best-known of these new disciplines, and is being applied by a fast growing number of companies.
Neuro-strategy and neuro-marketing are the latest branches stemming from the same scientific development, applied in different directions. Causing a quantum-leap forward in these terrains as well.
The essence of an effective strategy is precision; a master strategist will find the way by which a minimal action leads to maximal results


The two most important elements of neuro-strategy:


Predicting behaviour:
How will customers react to a new product? How will employees perform during a reorganization? What will someone's response to a message be? Every entrepreneur knows business is like a game of chess: the one who is best at predicting his opponents moves, will be victorious.
Because of the current knowledge about the human brain, predicting behaviour can now be done more accurately than ever before. Which is the key element of a truly successful strategy.


Guiding reactions:
How should a message be communicated to elicit the desired response? How can a change in behaviour among employees be achieved in a fast and effective way? By which action can a conflict be decided or brought to an end?
In our seminars about this subject (visit our presentation page) we demonstrate that even changing one single word in a text can lead to a different reaction in the brain, and to completely different choices and actions. Thereby showing how neuro-strategy holds the key to a completely new level of company management and policy-making.


Would you like to know more about the new insights into the human brain, and how these may change the way we look at business, management and more? Than visit the page of our presentations about this subject, like our presentation: The successful brain'


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