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Having the right information is the first step in every successful enterprise


Since well over a decade Cheprion BV organizes unique lectures, workshops and education in a wide range of human-related topics.
All of our presentations are designed to present advanced knowledge in a simple and playful way. So that even the most complex information becomes accessible to everyone. Clients often describe them as a small event, in which one ‘eye-open moment' follows the next.
Every presentation can be delivered in English, German or Dutch

Here are some examples of our most popular presentations:

New and exclusive
Next Level: The Successful Brain

Our understanding of the human brain has taken quantum leaps forward since the start of this millennium. And right now this new knowledge is creating a true revolution in business and management. As these new insights lead to a whole new range of possibilities in communication and marketing, management and human resources.
Even more interesting is that this also sheds a whole new light on what we as human beings are truly capable of. And that it shows us how we can use these newly discovered traits of our brain to create a better and faster pathway to success.

‘The Successful Brain' offers you a guided tour through this new knowledge. Combined with practical demonstrations that show you how much we know now to be possible.
For specific groups special editions are available. Like for example a special workshop on this subject for young entrepreneurs, and a certified edition for lawyers.

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Influence and Manipulation

Wherever people live or work together, influence is being exerted. Which means that literally everyone gets to deal with this in one form or another.
Over the years we have been asked to create a variety of workshops and training programs on this subject. To help people understand how influence truly works and which forms are the most effective. And to train people to defend themselves against skilful types of manipulation.
These training programs, originally designed exclusively for specific target groups, are now openly available.

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Mental illness

A new employee starts working in the company. He is a pleasant and smart guy, who turns out to fit effortlessly into the team. But half a year later something unexpected happens; suddenly he starts to tell strange stories. His neighbours are spying on him, and they have installed hidden camera's everywhere so they can watch him continuously. He has found these camera's at his workplace as well, and now he is certain that some of his co-workers are in on the plot. He is already planning to take action against them…

This training program was originally designed specifically for organizations employing people with disabilities. But this situation has changed. Because among certain groups, for example people who have been unemployed for a longer time or asylum seekers, mental problems are now encountered way more often than before. Which means that for government and commercial organizations working with these groups this has now become essential knowledge.
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