Lectures and Training


For more than a decade now Cheprion BV has been the provider of high-quality lectures, workshops, and training on human- and performance related subjects.
Ranging from our specialized training programs in managing people with mental illnesses to our popular workshops about performance management and skill development; all of our programs always have in common that they present a high level of knowledge in a playful and accessible way. Our programs have the reputation of being both enjoyable and very practical, filled with eye-opening moments after which the trainees can put what they have learned into practice immediately.


We offer lectures and training programs on the following subjects:

* New and exclusive* the seminar: NeXt Level HPM

An exclusive guided tour through the whole new range of possibilities that is becoming available because of the latest developments in neuroscience. Learn about completely new levels in Human Performance Management, Marketing and Strategy... (read on )

Training in influence, manipulation and counter techniques
How does influence really work? What kind of ‘triggers' make people behave the way you want, and what are the counter techniques to defend yourself against... (read on )
Managing people with mental illnesses

These training programs were originally developed to assist both specialized organizations and common employers in managing... (read on )

Prevention and controlling of aggression

This training, that was created at the request of several of our client organizations, combines two unique types of know-how exclusive to... (read on )

Supervision and development programs

Employees capable of taking care of situations effectively and independently; upgrading procedures to make them more... (read on )

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